Dr. Rao Mikkilineni is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at C3DNA Inc., a Silicon Valley startup dedicated to providing next generation IT distributed data center technologies and products dealing with end-to-end application availability, performance and security operations and management. His recent work aims at reducing management complexity in cloud computing and eliminating tool fatigue in datacenters by addressing the current computation limits of Turing machine implementation using serial von Neumann stored program control computing model.


His recent work was published in the Turing centenary Conference proceedings


Rao with Roger Penrose at the Turing Centenary Conference discussing “Cautious Oracle and DIME network architecture”

Dr. Rao currently chairs the 3rd  International Conference on “Convergence of Distributed Clouds, Grids and their Management” sponsored by IEEE WETICE Conferences 2013
For more details on the venue, go to http://wetice.org or go to


Rao has 30 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT industries.  He has held senior research and management positions at AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, US West, Network Programs Inc, SS8 Networks, LightSand Communications, and Hitachi Data Systems.  His practical experience in applying leading-edge technologies to radically improve productivity and quality of Operations and Management in telephony, IP networking and storage networking provides a unique perspective on the role of Enterprise Systems and Technologies. His current interest is in assisting the enterprise data center to become customer-centric and cost-effective using real-time service management systems.  He works with large enterprise IT departments and infrastructure providers assisting the transition to cloud computing where managed distributed computing, network and storage resources are available ubiquitously, on-demand and the users can pay based on usage.

Rao also has worked at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Columbia University and University of Paris.

Rao obtained a PhD in Physics from the University of California, San Diego, working with Nobel Laureate Physicist Walter Kohn.   He also has a Master’s Degree from the Japan American Institute of Management Science in Hawaii and Sophia University in Tokyo. He taught enterprise and network security classes at Golden Gate University.  His current research interests are in distributed and parallel computing.

Rao with Walter Kohn at the recent reunion during 50 year celebration of UCSD

Rao has worked in Japan since 1990 when he got his master’s degree in Japanese Management from Japan American Institute of Management Science, University of Hawaii and Sophia University, Tokyo.

Japan paper

In a Japanese Business Meeting

Doing Business the Japanese Way

The Drinking After the Meetings

Japan 2008 090

Obligatory Karaoke

Japan 2008 097

Late night entertainment

A meeting in the Silicon Valley

A Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo where lot of business is conducted

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